If you are interested in writing about your interaction with addiction or with 12-step programs and posting it here, please send me an email at anon.johnc at gmail dot com.  Any information given will be kept strictly confidential and anonymity in posting will be strictly maintained.  Thank you.


4 Responses to “Request for guest posts”

  1. Coder88 Says:

    Nations institutionalize their founding story as a renewable source of guidance and inspiration. ,

  2. anahera Says:

    I am a grateful member of the al-anon family groups and have been so for almost 4 years. I was baptised 23 years ago as an adult convert and lived a largely uncomplicated life dedicated to raising my only child, fulfilling my Church callings, community service and family. In 2002 I married and entered into the first intimate relationship I had enjoyed in 20 years. Four years of living hell followed as I struggled with the effects of someone else’s drinking. In that four years I became deeply unhappy and unwell. To be fair, not all of that hell was attributable to my husband’s drimning – at the same time as he was descending into the final stages of alcoholism, my non-member extended family underwent some severe life tests ranging from the unexpected suicide of an amazing brother, the descent into addiction of a niece, the subsequent physical and mental ill health in other siblings and the debilitating cerebro-vascular accident (stroke) in my mother.

    But it is a fact that the most grinding test of all during that period for me personally was my husband’s alcoholic drinking.

    Many memebers of the church, while well-meaning, have absolutely no understanding or appreciation of what they are dealing with in an alcoholic. They say textbook correct things like, “Just have faith, keep the commandments, honour your priesthood, fulfil your callings, get a priesthood blessing, say your prayers, hold family evening ….” These are all ood things to do in their own right, and certainly should be done by any Saint worthy of the name. But they are not failsafe treatements for any disease. And when all these textbook measures fail to relive his or her drinking, then many members wash their hands of the still suffering alcoholic. Can you imagine the same treatment being dished out to cancer sufferers, stroke victims or heart attack survivors?

    But of course many Church members do not know, or if they have heard it, they do not accept that the alcoholic is afflicted with a disease. They see the choice to drink at all to be a sign of immorality and a failure of character – fullstop. Indeed, I too felt that way. I could not see how my husband, who professed a love of the gospel could also embrace the evils of alcohol in his life, and I could not see how I could stay happily married to him. And yet at the same time I could not see my husband as irrevocably evil and I did not want to divorce him. The resultant catch-22 left me just as unwell as my husband. I have since learned that many spouses of alcohlics die before the alcoholic.

    I cannot say what would have happened if help had not been forthcoming. I thank Father that it did come. And the fact that it came from al-anon and fromk AA is not at all at odds with the gospel.

    In 2006 I found the fellowship of al-anon and its 12 step programme and I committed to it. A few months later my husabnd finally accepted he was an alcoholic and also reached for his own receovery. Recovery is like salvation in that it has to be done by oneself for oneself in the first instance before we can help anyone else.

    We have both completed the 12 steps several times. We each have our own sponsor with whom we talk daily. We both sponsor many others. Along with our daily personal and family scripture study, we maintain our individual daily reading programmes of al-anon / AA literature as well as readings from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We do our separate daily inventories and practice our own maintenance steps daily.

    I have learned to leave my husband alone and just focus on the only thing over which I have control, myself. And through it all two things have been confirmed and reconfirmed over and over to me:
    1. The principles underpinning all 12 step programmes came directly by inspiration and revelation from God to a bunch of drunks.
    2. There is no conflict between the 12 step programmes and the gospel of Jesus Christ. How could there be when both have the same author?

    I thank God that I married my alcholic and underwent the associated testing that always comes with that. I’ve been tickled pink to hear that the Church has worked with AA to adapt and deliver a modification of the 12 steps. And I see the need for a Church-based and endorsed recovery programme because, sad but true, addictions of all varieties are on the increase amongst the Church members.

    So expect more posts from me.

  3. Juliulog Says:

    #uname, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSR_GmaaMj4

    I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

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