This is a page devoted to the 12 steps as a whole and devoted to any posts that we write dealing with the steps as a whole.

The 12 steps and the 5 R’s

The Heart t’ Heart 12 steps

The LDS Addiction Recovery Manual 12 steps


5 Responses to “The 12 Steps”

  1. BYUI Teacher (Not Religion) Says:

    I love my journal. In my journal I record many things, not to fulfill a compulsion, but to clarify and evaluate the events of the previous day; the heart of the daily journal entry as it relates to Step 10, however, is the daily self-inventory. I do this regularly. The theme is that we must watch our actions, words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. This is pretty high-powered stuff when one considers the clientele. I’ve spent a few weeks on Step Ten. I think it will take “patience and honesty” (I think those are the words of the 12-Step manuel) to carry this off. I’m not ashamed of the things I’ve written in my journal (since 1968–about 40 volumes) because they are attempts to be honest. And the journal has helped me a great deal. My daughter, for instance, got to read my thoughts about her when she was born. She had nbo idea I’d been keeping track of her, admiring her, for all these years. I think that the personal inventory has done a great to help me progress spiritually. It seems to help me remember throughout the day who I am. It has taught me discipline and, above all, accountability. BYUI

  2. Frederick Hicks Says:

    I need to know areas of meeting in Ogden area.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Blog post subbed, interesting post. Loving your blog.

  4. jj Says:

    I am needing to find LDS 12 Step groups in Provo, Utah

  5. Nate Porter Says:

    What time and where are the meetings in Provo?

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